Mental Clarity

by Sad Hana

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released August 11, 2015

recorded live by ryan bile. all musical content by kara morgan.



all rights reserved


Sad Hana Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dismal into weightless dreaming
knees into chest
rocking back and forth
and the process
of getting smaller

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Track Name: which way is upshore
Don't tell yourself
the things you don't want to hear
You won't listen anyhow.
You only listen to the things you want to hear.
Don't tell yourself
"cause you already know."
I thought I was talking to you,
but I was just talking through you.
You only listen to the things you want to hear.
and these words can't get past my lips
and through to your ears
and into your mind of understanding
sorry to be so reprimanding
hey fool
i see your boat on this ocean
which way is upshore?
Track Name: want you to go
I want you to go.
I want you to go.
I know what it feels like
not to feel.
You know it's been a while.
I want you to go. I know
it hurts to be alone here
and it's always raining.
Something's wrong here.
So you better go find yourself
a hiding place
far away from everyone.

You want it so bad.
I want you to go. I want you to go.

You want it so bad
you want it so bad
You want to go.
Track Name: rainstorm
Sometimes I don't want to be where
I am.
I am awake.
I am awaiting.
I am awake.
I am arising.