by Sad Hana

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released December 12, 2015

Cover art by Akiro Rodriguez
All musical content by Kara Morgan



all rights reserved


Sad Hana Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dismal into weightless dreaming
knees into chest
rocking back and forth
and the process
of getting smaller

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Track Name: No Ones
You can just walk away.
This time I won't cry
this time I will smile
You can just walk away
leave me where I'm standing
and I will get better.
I'll take care of it.

No ones, I don't need no one.

Maybe there was something important you forgot to tell me
but you never really got your words out without screaming
"your way your way your way" "my way my way my way"
it was always "your way", "my way"

No ones coming for you.
No ones, there are no ones
no ones coming for you.
No ones coming for you.

Can I make it better?
Tell me. tell me tell me.

I don't need your wisdom
and I don't need your promises
and I don't need you to talk to me
and I don't have to say anything.
You don't even ask my name.
You don't even know my name, even if you did what good would that do?
You just see me for what you want.
Track Name: Bus to NY w reading
The city is contaminated
words can't escape past the fog
and the raping of the individuals
(power there is)
and an Outcry
the individuals work tirelessly, some not enough
but somehow they manage
to make time for fun.
They gather.
Glimmering images on a desktop screen,
& cy-selves opinions making the events
seem worthwhile.
They prepare their rituals
common things
they don't forget the important things
to make the mood just right.
And when they gather
it's like a nebula bursts
and the stars splatter backwards from mouths into ears
into harsh dissonance
pounding, screeching, wallowing in..
and they rush back into reality
and go home
and dream
and the dreaming gets all twisted up.
When the distinction between actual events becomes blurred
and dreams bleed into day into night into day into dream
and all of the sudden they're wondering
what happened to my memory?
why can't i hear?
is this real?
this is all real
the dirt and the grime,
and the day to day bustle
so that they can
find pleasure.
Track Name: Endless Dreaming
I spent endless dreaming.
I spend endless dreaming.
Swear you don't know
what the sky looks like from my window.
Track Name: Can't See
You can't see with your eyes closed
What do you think this is doing to us? They're all feeding us the same food
[You can't see with your eyes closed
They're all feeding us the same food
We don't know?
We act like we don't know
We act like we can see with our eyes closed]
Track Name: Children
I waited all them days
inside your hot apartment
just wondering what I did wrong,
doubting myself
and how did things get so bad?
[I wanted it so bad.]

I forgot that I had things that I really wanted to do
and they were better than your sex
they were better than any sex that I had with you.
It wasn't even that good.
You think you're so good.
Well you're not god,
You're not god.

I'm not going back there,
not going back.
You know we act just like children.
Track Name: Her Ghost
Are you her ghost?
I saw the dream
and it reminded me of her.
You remind me of her.
Are you her ghost
Is her ghost my ghost?
Are you the ghost of them now?

Are you her ghost
Is her ghost my ghost?
Something about you reminds me of her.
Where can I go
I want to remember you in the best ways.
Her ghost, by the way
I will be watching
I will be singing about you still.